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A Checkpoint Report is used to report, at a frequency defined in the Work Package, the status of the Work Package.

Advice The Checkpoint Report is derived from the: Work Packages; Team Plan and actuals and the previous Checkpoint Report A Checkpoint Report can take a number of formats, including: Oral report to the Project Manager (could be in person or over the phone); Presentation at a review meeting (physical meeting or conference call); Document or email issued to the Project Manager; Entry in a project management tool.

The following quality criteria should be observed:

  • Prepared at the frequency required by the Project Manager
  • The level and frequency of progress assessment is right for the stage and/or Work Package
  • The information is timely, useful, objective and accurate
  • Every product in the Work Package, for that period, is covered by the report
  • Includes an update on any unresolved issues from the previous report.

Checkpoint report

Date of Checkpoint  
Period Covered  

Follow ups from previous periods

(for example action items completed or issues outstanding)

This reporting period

Product Ref Product name Work undertaken Date Completed

Quality Management

(activities undertaken this period)

Lessons Identified

(Add text here)

Next Reporting Period

Product Ref Product name Work to be undertaken Date to be Completed

Quality Management

(activities planned for this period)

Work Package Tolerance Status

(How execution of the Work Package is performing against its tolerances (e.g. cost/time/scope actuals and forecast)

Issues and Risks

(Update on issues and risks associated with the Work Package)